Five Ways To Help Others When You Don’t Have Money

When we think about doing good, helping those who need it most or supporting the cause of some non-profit organizations, we often believe that it is an action linked to the economic factor and therefore, reserved for those who can make important donations, Such is the case of some celebrities and high profile entrepreneurs. However, we can all make a difference and to achieve this, and it is urgent to break this paradigm.

  1. Donate your time

Voluntary work is possibly one of the most common alternatives to financial contributions when it comes to helping a non-profit organization. Through it, thousands of people around the world decide to attack social problems from their origin by approaching vulnerable communities to offer their help.

  1. Lend your skills

Being a formal volunteer can be an incredible experience, but not all people can be deeply committed to an organization; Factors such as the schedule, occupation and current pace of life intervene when making this decision. However, all is not lost for them.

  1. Choose to buy responsibly

Okay, it’s not exactly a way to avoid spending money, but it is a viable alternative if you want to improve your social impact without extracting extra cash from your wallet. Transforming your consumption model and replacing the products you already buy with responsible options that come from local commerce and giving priority to those belonging to companies with good practices in social responsibility, will allow you to participate in the creation of a positive change for your community.

  1. Participate in major initiatives

Companies and civil society organizations are constantly seeking to innovate in their social responsibility efforts and generate initiatives that, in addition to positively impacting the communities in which they operate, reinforce the emotional bond they maintain with their stakeholders. Taking advantage of these efforts and joining your group can be an excellent alternative to help when you don’t want to spend money.

  1. Donate your clothes

Surely it had occurred to you before, donating clothes, blankets and some objects that you no longer use, but are in good condition, is an excellent way to make more space in your closet while helping those who need it most. So what are you waiting for? That sweater that someone gave you at Christmas and you never used could be giving warmth to a homeless person.

So the next time a person asks for your help on the street, please look them in the eye, express that you would like to help and wish them a good day; This way you will be contributing to breaking with a terrible stigma that often strips them of their identity.

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